Membership Tier Benefits

Default Benefits of Being a Chamber Member
  • Presence in the Business Directory
  • Dedicated Business Details Page
  • Business Description Write-up
  • Phone Number Listed in App
  • Driving Direction to your business from either Google or Apple Maps
  • 1 Chosen Category
  • 1 Chosen Keyword

Higher Membership Benefits

Digital Starter
  • All Benefits from "Base"
  • 1 Additional Chosen Keyword
Digital Pro
  • All Benefits from "Base"
  • 3 Additional Chosen Keywords
  • 1 Additional Chosen Category
  • Website Linked In-App
Digital Preferred
  • All Benefits from "Base"
  • 5 Additional Chosen Keywords
  • 2 Additional Chosen Categories
  • Website Linked In-App
  • One Year of In-App Advertisements (Weekdays)
Digital Premier
  • All Benefits from "Base"
  • 7 Additional Chosen Keywords
  • 2 Additional Chosen Categories
  • Website Linked In-App
  • Social Media Pages Linked In-App
  • One-Year of In-App Advertisements (Weekdays and Weekends)
  • One-Year Presence in the Dedicated Featured Businesses section.
How It Works:
  1. All businesses members of the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce receive the Base tier benefits.
  2. Each business receives a listing in the searchable business directory!
  3. Consumers will use keywords to search and find businesses.
  4. In-App keyword searches will match on the business name, as well as on the chosen Keywords!
  5. Consumers can filter the business directory by Category, it is beneficial to be in multiple categories!
  6. The application will provide links to the business's Website and Social Media platforms. (based on tier)
  7. Consumers will be able to directly call the business from in-app!
  8. Consumers will be able to easily and quickly receive driving instructions to your business using their preferred navigation platform!
  9. In-app advertisement banners will feature the businesses and will be delivered on-screen throughout application usage.
What Does it Cost?
Every business chamber member receives the Base benefits as part of their membership fee!

For the prices of the Higher Membership Tiers please visit the Chamber's website HERE